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Pre-Order Heels Enquiry Form & Payment (UK Customers Only)

Please read the important information below before placing an online pre-order payment.

How does the pre-order process work? 

  1. Fill in the enquiry form below with your e-mail, posing heel selection and UK size.
  2. Buff Bombshell will contact you within 48 hours to confirm if your posing heels are in-stock with the supplier and provide alternative selection where heels are not in-stock.
  3. If your heels are in-stock, we will contact you by email and you can make a final payment on this page by the end of the month. Please make sure your address is correct.
  4. Buff Bombshell will place all customer pre-orders on the 1st day of the month with the supplier.
  5. Your heels will be shipped to your address as soon as they arrive to us from the UK or the USA supplier.*
  6. You will be sent a tracking code to confirm the dispatch of your heels to your address as entered on this checkout payment form.
  7. This pre-order service is currently only available to our UK customers. See Terms & Conditions below.*

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Pre-Order Heels Enquiry Form (UK Customers Only)

Please fill in this form to get the process started and we will be in touch within 48 hours to confirm if your heels are in-stock.

Please note, we are currently only providing pre-order heels in the following styles COCKTAIL / GLORY / MAJESTY.



  • This is a new pre-order process and at this moment we can only deliver this service to UK customers.
  • In-stock: UK shipping takes approximately 3-7 working days. Your pre-order will be placed on the 1st day of the month and your posing heels should be delivered within 3 to 7 days from this order.
  • Not in-stock : Heels will be ordered from the USA and this means that heels can take an additional two weeks to arrive to UK addresses from the point of pre-order with our supplier.
  • This payment form is for shoes only and any additional order for stage jewellery or extras will have to be made separately.
  • All posing heel orders will be placed on the 1st day of the month, if your payment is missed by the end of the month (the day before we place the order) then your order will be added to the following month’s order dispatch.
  • In the event that your heels are not in-stock, or our supplier is unable to deliver heels once your payment is made we will find you an alternative pair of heels and issue a refund for the balance or issue you with a full refund if heels cannot be supplied.
  • We do not have control over post and delivery once posing heels are shipped from the supplier to us, from the USA to us or from us to you for final dispatch. A tracking link will be sent to you to confirm dispatch to your address.



Please note, as the show season comes to a close and as we enter the festive holidays, we will be unable to guarantee that posing heel deliveries will arrive on time for 25th December 2023. This is due to the UK post system which is beyond our control. Posing heels are expected to arrive in December with the latest arrival in early January. You will be contacted at each step of the way.



We recommend all customers try on their new posing heels on a clean soft carpet and wear clean white socks. This will ensure that the posing heels remain in tip-top perfect condition, just in-case you need to return them back to Buff Bombshell headquarters. Check our returns policy for more information. If there are any issues with your pre-order, please contact


Size 2, Size 3, Size 4, Size 5, Size 6, Size 7, Size 8, Size 9, Size 10


Cocktail 501, Cocktail 508, Cocktail 501 SDT, Cocktail 508 SDT, Glory 501, Glory 508, Glory 501 SDT, Glory 508 SDT, Glory 508 DM, Majesty 501, Majesty 508, Majesty 501 SDT, Majesty 508 SDT, Majesty 508 DM


Agree to T&C's Below

All heels are true to size. Please check our shoe size guide before purchasing your heels. If you are normally in-between sizes then we recommend that you size up to the nearest whole size. Pre-order dispatch of heels will be communicated at each step of the way.
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