We know that getting the perfect colour onstage is essential but sometimes when you compete those costs tend to really add up too, especially if you are competing abroad. That is where a DIY tan comes in handy. We have been using ProTan for about 6 years and here is a very easy read and how to guide on DIY tan application.

Include in Your Daily Prep Routine

  • Moisturise daily while on prep. Use a lotion such as E45 to keep your skin supple and hydrated before the exfoliating process starts.

During Your Peak Week

  • Exfoliate every day. This will ensure that the tan sticks to your body. Use Get Buffed scrub.
  • Remove all hair from your upper lip downwards. And yes, this means remove ALL hair. Stop shaving at 2 days out to prevent bumps and irritation. Waxing and other types of hair removal methods such as using hair removal cream and laser should be used at 7 days out.
  • Stop using lotion and oil based products around 4 days out. You want your skin to be dry and tight.
  • Use Sanex shower gel. This is our preferred shower gel as it is fragrance free and suits most skin types.
  • Stop using deodorant at 4 days outs. The chemicals in deo can conflict with the tan chemicals and may cause green patches on the underarms if you sweat a lot backstage.


The Night Before Your Competition

  • Shower 3 hours prior to your first base tan application and scrub once last time. Do not apply lotion or deodorant or perfume.
  • Try not to shave in case you cause unnecessary irritation or bumps.
  • Set a towel on the floor.
  • We recommend doing your first tan around 4pm or 5pm. This way if you need an extra coat you can tan again at 9pm.
  • Pour ProTan Overnight Competition Colour Base Coat into a bowl.
  • Put gloves on your hands to prevent staining on your nails and palms. The best gloves to use are hair dye gloves or if needs must, use yellow kitchen gloves.
  • Use the applicator mitt and dip into the bowl and squeeze out excess tan. Apply tan from the mitt in LONG EVEN UPWARD STROKES starting from your ankles and working upwards to your neckline. We do not recommend tanning the face due to breakouts.
  • Apply lighter strokes of tan on the elbows, knees, feet, ankles and hairline. Repeat this process until fully covered.
  • Get someone to help you with your back and use a mirror to check for uneven patches.
  • Let the tan dry for 10-15 minutes. You will be butt naked and be standing upright during this time.
  • If you need to apply another coat. Wait 4-6 hours for the colour to develop.
  • Once dry, put on long loose dark baggy clothes. Avoid strappy tops and backpacks.
  • Bring a set of black sheets for the hotel bed and your own shower towels.

1 bottle of ProTan Overnight Competition Colour Base Coat and 1 bottle of the Bikini Bronze Top Coat should be enough for one show day competition application. When in doubt, purchase x2 bottles and assess how much you use. You can save what is not used for the next show application and purchase another bottle of the base coat if required. The top coat mousse lasts a lot longer than the base coat colour. Do keep in mind, once opened the liquid tan will need to be used within 12 months.


  • Bikini & Wellness – 1 base coat & 1 top coat OR apply 2 base coats if very fair.
  • Fitness & Figure – 2 base coats & 1 top coat.
  • WPD & Bodybuilding – 2 base coats & 1 top coat.

Morning of Your Competition

  • Rinse off excess tan in cool water in the shower if you are extremely patchy.
  • Pat your body dry. PAT DOWN your body being the best way to dry.
  • Apply your ProTan Super Dark Top Coat. This is a mousse formula and will be easier to apply than the tan application the night before.
  • Put mousse onto the applicator mitt and stroke in long even upward strokes starting from the ankle to the neckline.
  • Wait until dry and put on your long dark clothing or show bikini.
  • Pack an extra mitt for backstage touch-ups and head to the venue.
  • When waiting backstage, set a fresh towel or blanket down to lay comfy on. Relax and enjoy the moment.

We hope this mini read helps you with your DIY tan application. Please share and as always thanks for your support. X