I-Walk & T-Walk Blog

A couple of simple diagrams showing you examples of the I-Walk, T-Walk and a typical stage setup. Some of the photos shown here are from NPC Sweden Grand Prix and Iron World Regional in April 2022.

Stage Setup

The stage should be clearly marked with tape or another type of marking. If there are no markings on the stage, then memorise this diagram. Some federations will have you walking on stage and then walking off stage and others will have you waiting on the taped diagonal line after you perform your I-Walk or T-Walk. If you are unsure of where to step on or off stage on the day, ask the backstage crew for advice and the runners should be able to help you too.

Center X box – Main posing here
Example of Taped Waiting Lines
Front on view of stage
Example of PCA comparison bikini round. Notice how each lady is on the front taped line and each lady is positioned on a marking. In the background, you can see the diagonal waiting line.



So now you have the I-Walk and T-Walk down, but which federations do you perform them at? Take a look below to see what style of walk you need to perform at each of the various federations.

Federation I-Walk T-Walk
2 Bros Pro (UK) Yes  
NPC & IFBB Pro League Yes  
PCA Yes  
UKBFF & IFBB Elite Yes  
FitX Yes  
GPO Yes  
WNBF Yes  
WBFF   Yes
UKUP   Yes
Pure Elite   Yes
Miami Pro   Yes
UFE   Yes
Glifting Girls   Yes
FMC   Yes

Notes and diagrams come from Head Posing Coach, Lauren Lotter’s exclusive ‘Posing Bible’ notes for Buff Bombshell Posing & Prep Services. Pictures are from NPC shows or other UK shows. To get in touch for posing please contact hello@buffbombshell.com or book a session here : BOOK A POSING SESSION