You spent £400 + on your sparkle creation for the show. So it is time to learn how to look after your bikini and get the best out of your bikini for the rest of the season. In this post we will teach you the ways of Bikini Mama on how to properly clean and store your bikini. Original blog post can be found here.

By cleaning your bikini and taking care of it properly, you will be able to re-use or pass it on. If you would like to sell your pre-loved sparkle creation then fill in the form on Buff Bombshell and we can help advertise your bikini on our website. If you are looking for a pre-loved bikini, then try shop our Bikini Boutique.

Before we go into how to clean your bikini, let’s quickly look at what you should not do. Please DO NOT:

  • Never dry clean
  • Never machine wash
  • Never strong alcohol based cleaning products
  • Never use bleach
  • Never use washing up soap
  • Never soak your suit in water overnight
  • Never dry your suit on a radiator
  • Never use a hair dryer to speed up drying process
  • Never place your suit in direct sunlight

So now we know what not to do, let’s find out what items you need to clean your suit:

  • After the show – use wet baby wipes to wipe off excess tan
  • The day after your show – have ready, a soft toothbrush, small sponge, gentle detergent, warm water, a washing bucket or sink, paper towels and a normal towel.



After you have changed out of your bikini post show, take a wet baby wipe and wipe away the excess tan from the connectors, bikini lining and gently wipe over the surface area of the crystals. You can also remove Bikini Bite and any Bikini Bum Tape which might be stuck to the bikini lining. This step will help prevent excessive staining and make cleaning your bikini much easier post show.


  • Remove all bra padding and all removable connectors.
  • Lay out your towels for drying the bikini after you are done cleaning.
  • Set up a sink or washing bucket with 1 inch of warm water and 5-10ml of gentle detergent.
  • Soak each piece of the bikini separately and be quick! Allow the bikini piece to get wet but not to be drenched in water. If you soak your bikini for too long the glue can start to disintegrate and leave sticky residue showing around the crystals or worse, your crystals may fall off.
  • Once clean to your liking, clean the bikini piece under cool running tap water. SQUEEZE the bikini piece very LIGHTLY but never twist the material.
  • Use your soft toothbrush to scrub away tan on the inside of the bikini and on the material lining; do not scrub the crystals. Use the soft sponge to gently wipe the face of the crystals or use a wet wipe.
  • Dry your connectors with a paper towel to prevent discolouration or rust from setting in. Then lay your bikini piece out on the prepared towels out to dry. Repeat this process with the second bikini piece.


Once your bikini is dry, we recommend invested in a bikini safe case to store your bikini, so that it stays in near perfect shape and condition all year round. If you hang your bikini, the connectors can snag on material around the bikini and ruin the shape of the bikini over time. By using a safe case you will also protect the bikini crystals from discolouring as the bikini will be kept out of direct sunlight.

Bikini Safe Case can be purchased on Buff Bombshell for £10.00 each.


The glue changes colour when you are cleaning the bikini and makes the crystals look dirty. Leave the bikini out to dry and the glue should disappear.

Also, if your connectors get rusty over time, you can simply clean the metal with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush and dry it gently with paper towels till dry.

Thank you for reading this blog post and we hope you found it helpful! Please share this with all your bikini gal pals.