Please find below our measurement guides to finding your perfect posing heel fit. We have spent countless of hours measuring actual feet from friends and family to create this page for you and help answer your posing shoe queries. This page will be updated throughout the year to help you with your posing heel queries.


Quick Abbreviation Guide

  • WIDE (W)
  • NORMAL (N)
  • SMALL (S)

International Shoe Size Guide

Please check your size to our international shoe size guide before purchasing heels. We have more specific measurements below on posing heels that you may require.

How do you measure your feet?

We want to help you at EVERY STEP of the way to the stage. See the diagram on how to measure your feet and compare to the sizes in cm below. The ruler would be the pink line as in the picture. Take note, these are approximate measurements in centimetres and while we cannot 100% guarantee your heels will fit, you are able to return your heels if they are not the perfect fit.

Should you size up or down?

The posing heels are manufactured in whole sizes only. Therefore, we recommend that in most cases you SIZE DOWN for your posing heels as the plastic will stretch and expand over time. For example, if you are a UK 4.5 then go for a UK 4. There are a few posing heel exceptions such as sizing up for the Elegant heels as they run small. Please find a size up and size down guide in the posing heel criteria below. The last thing we want to see is ‘heel gap’ in your stage photos where you were told to size up and thus, actually have shoes on that are one size too big for your feet.


  • Slight/smallest feet
  • Little fat on sides
  • Pronounced arches
  • Best looking feet in heels


  • Feet are boxy in shape
  • Straight feet, even spread of tissue from ball of foot to the heel


  • Bunions a common issue
  • Feet are wider at the ball than at the heel
  • Flat foot and collapsed arches are common

Best range for SMALL feet – NPC / IFBB / PCA / NFMUK / GBO / GPO


  • 4.5 inch heel
  • 1 inch platform


  • 4.5 inch heel
  • 1/2 inch platform
  • Good for First Timers

Best range for NORMAL feet – NPC / IFBB / PCA / NFMUK / GBO / GPO


  • 5 inch heel
  • 3/4 inch platform


  • 5 inch heel
  • 3/4 inch platform

Best range of heels for WIDE feet – NPC / IFBB / PCA / NFMUK / GBO / GPO

COCKTAIL ROSE GOLD Pleaser Heel by Buff Bombshell


  • 5 inch heel
  • 1 inch platform


  • 5 inch heel
  • 0.9 inch platform

Best range of heels for WIDE feet – UKBFF / IFBB ELITE / WNBF

Chic 08 Pleaser Buff Bombshell


  • 4.5 inch heel
  • 1/4 inch platform
  • Size down


  • 4 inch heel
  • No platform
  • Size down