Hello Amores!

This means, “Hello Loves” and is the warm greeting Fernanda will say to you when she first meets you.

If you did not know, Fernanda Wain is the maker and creator of the vibrant Shape Brazil brand.

If you watch Buff Bombshell, you will have noticed a Shape Brazil logo in the bottom left hand corner of the videos and this is because Fernanda has so kindly agreed to sponsor some of the costs for the show. Thank you.

I wanted to create this post for Fernanda, but also for you to get an insight into the brand and what it is all about because I love it, and I think more ladies can benefit from a positive and fun brand like this one.

Shape Brazil – The Energy

Fernanda pioneers the fitness fashion industry by bringing clothes, which are sensationally unique to the British Market.

When Fernanda first started the brand, she wanted to cater for the UK clients and found the style to be more conservative. Fernanda’s mother said to her, “Why are selling things you would not wear?” It was from this moment that the brand Shape Brazil took hold and really started to find it’s voice not only fitness but in fitness fashion.

When you look on Fernanda’s website you will see her personality shine through, as she has created a brand based on her home country being Brazil. Fernanda is literally bringing Brazil to the UK and if you ask me, there is always more room for laughter and fun which is what the brand exudes from its clothing character.

Shape Brazil – The Style

The brand continues to grow after it’s successful five-year phase in the highly competitive market and world of fitness apparel. It has found it’s place and voice which is now being heard to many women who love and adore the clothes from Shape Brazil.

The style of clothing displays an explosion of expression and colour, unknowing to any brand I have seen before with it’s many patterns ranging from animal prints to polka dots. With unique cuts and designs, the main feature is to accentuate the body and highlight curves allowing women to feel more sexy and confident in the gym. Take my word, you will not go unnoticed in these gym sets and will most likely find a head or two turned towards you.

So this is my final take on the brand; I loved it before I ever worked with Fernanda on The Buff Bombshell show but I am so grateful for the friendship and link I have to a sensational brand which promotes positivity and fun for all women.

I am no longer a neutrals gal and I don’t think I can step into a pair of black leggings ever again!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the clothes and style of the brand. Please make sure to check out the website and the Instagram for news and up-to-date sales.

Lauren xo