Summer Sale Guide

Hey Bombshell! Okay so we are back and kicking the Summer off with our first ever SALE!

This is the perfect way to restock on some show day essentials with 25% off the retail price. This is also a great way to buy some show day gifts or goodies for the competitor friend in your life. But hurry! The sale will end tomorrow at midnight – just like Cinderella – then poof! It’s gone for while… So think of Buff Bombshell as your Stage Fairy Godmother for show day.

Just apply one of these show day sale codes to your checkout basket.


Without further ado, here are some of our favourite things.

Posing Heels

These posing heels are at 25% off for this weekend and are our favourites for the ladies out there who need a wide fit for the foot.

Majesty 501
Cocktail 501 Front On Posing Heel by Buff Bombshell
Cocktail 501
COCKTAIL ROSE GOLD Pleaser Heel by Buff Bombshell
Cocktail 508 RG


We stock a HUGE selection of premium jewellery which is already a lot more affordable than other retailers. Show day extras should not cost the earth and will continue to bring you beautiful and affordable gems with a luxurious look. We stock all colours, styles from clip-on to piercing and more.

AB Audrey Earrings
AB Audrey Earrings
Alexa Earrings
Ashley Earrings
Ashley Earrings
Isa Silver Earrings
Barbara Silver Earrings
Ronnie AB Earrings


If you are looking to DIY tan or get that perfect pre-tan glow for stage then now is the time to stock up on essential backstage extras. Get that tan or that scrub! It is more essential than you will ever know.

SteelFit Sample Pack by Buff Bombshell
SteelFit Sample Pack
Pro Tan DIY
Backstage Show Shine

So that is it. Pretty much everything we are loving right now. You will not find the products at a more affordable price online in the UK right now, so NOW is the time to really start shopping!

Love, Buff Bombshell