Welcome to the Bombshell Bikini Boutique

Sell your pre-loved bikini on Buff Bombshell by filling in the form below and let us help advertise your sparkle creation. Your bikini 2-3 photos can be submitted below.

We have some special T&C’s which can be found at the bottom of the form, and you will need to agree to these items before we are able to help you display the bikini. We want to give you, the seller, all the information upfront and we will do our best to help you where needed.

We accept all styles of stage bikinis from all bikini makers around the world. We have sold a variety of bikinis from Black Ice Bikinis, BKB Bikini Mama to various other makers and creators.

How Does Bombshell Bikini Boutique Work?

Step 1: Use the form below to submit your bikini details such as measurements, level of crystal coverage, submit your 2-3 high quality photos and set YOUR price.

Step 2: A member of the team, Lillian or Lauren, will be in contact to confirm your details and you will be sent a once-off bill of £15.00 for the Buff Bombshell work required to upload and advertise items online. Once payment is complete, your bikini will be uploaded and is live on the website for sale and is advertised to our customers.

Step 3: When a customer is interested in your bikini, all communications will go through Buff Bombshell. Should a customer proceed to purchase your bikini on the website, you will be informed within 48 hours that payment has been made. We will send you the customer’s address details, and you will be required to send the bikini within seven working days. You will receive your bikini payment plus P&P you have incurred when the buyer has confirmed that they have received the payment.

Fill-In This Form To Sell Your Bikini

    The Terms & Conditions

    For The Seller

    You will get to set the price for your bikini.

    Once your details are submitted online, a member of the team will be in touch to confirm your details, ask for any outstanding information and you will be sent a once-off bill of £15.00 to pay as work to Buff Bombshell.

    Our work on Buff Bombshell includes the upload of items onto the website, the communication between potential sellers and advertising your bikini. Without this fee being paid, we will not proceed with any work to upload items online. This is a non-negotiable fee, and we hope you can understand this.

    For The Seller Continued

    The customer will pay for the bikini on the Buff Bombshell website, and they will be required to choose a P&P fee. You will be sent this sale amount plus P&P fee less any card or PayPal charges. A full breakdown of the costs associated will be sent to you.

    Your final PayPal or card payment will be made to you when the buyer has officially received the item.

    The bikini will not be advertised elsewhere. If the bikini is advertised elsewhere, you must notify hello@buffbombshell.com immediately so that the bikini can be removed from the website.

    You may inform us to change the selling price at any time, as long as the bikini is not in ‘purchased’ stage of sale.

    Once sold, your bikini must be sent to the customer within seven working days.

    Bikini purchases are not refundable; thus, the bikini must be sent to the customer according to sale agreement.

    Sale price will be quoted in GBP.

    For The Buyer

    Bikini purchases are non-refundable.

    As the bikini purchaser, your payment can be made using credit/debit card or PayPal. No Klarna or split payments are provided on these items.

    At checkout, you will be required to choose a post and package (P&P) option. This is so that our seller may send you the bikini from their location.

    Please allow for seven working days for the bikini to be delivered to you.

    Please note the bikini image used above is owned by Angel Competition Bikinis in the USA. Buff Bombshell Ltd. does not own the rights to this image. Click HERE for ACB.

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