Pro Tan Show Shine £10.00
Pro Tan Bikini Bite £10.00

Pro Tan® Female Backstage Bundle combines Show Shine® and Bikini Bite®. This bundle is designed to help you shine on stage while keeping your posing suit in place.

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Show Shine ultra-light, dry oil formula is designed to give you the perfect contest sheen while conditioning your skin, leaving it looking its very best. Formulated exclusively for hot lights, Show Shine® highlights your true muscle definition, eliminating blind spots created by the light and allowing the judges to appreciate all that you’ve worked for. Show Shine® is perfect for Bikini, Bodybuilding, Fitness and Physique competitors alike and can also be used daily after the shower or bath to keep your skin healthy and vibrant.

Bikini Bite is a unique skin friendly fabric fastener provides superior holding power for hours, yet can be removed easily when desired.

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