Ring Ashley 2 Row Ring £2.00
  1. Style of top: Triangle – Top Size A-C Cup
  2. Does the top have room for removable padding? Yes
  3. Style of bottom: Size 8 – V cut Russian bottoms
  4. Cut of bottom: Front V Scoop
  5. Cut of top: Cross and clip on both sides of the bottoms
  6. Has this bikini been washed? Yes
  7. Are there any missing crystals? No. 100% Full Coverage
  8. What is the main colour of the bikini? Royal Blue
  9. What is the true condition? Very good condition. Worn once
  10. Suited Federations: PCA, UKBFF, UKUP, NFMUK
  11. Suited category: Figure
  12. Original brand: Athena Bikini
  13. Original price: £450.00
  14. Asking price: £350.00

Please note: All sales are final and the seller will send you the bikini within 7 days of purchase.

1 in stock



1 in stock


For more information on this bikini, please contact us at Please note, pre-loved bikinis from our Boutique are non-refundable and not exchangeable. Therefore we welcome any questions you might have about our products before your purchase.
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