The most common posing mistakes we see from a lot of competitors and the ways which you can avoid them. Lauren from Buff Bombshell talks about a few posing mistakes you can ditch in order to get better for your next show day.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

When learning to practice your posing for the first time, you will need the mirror and there is no doubt about it when trying to find your best lines and angles. But when you have your mandatory poses down, try posing without the mirror. You will build up muscle memory like a dancer if you learn to pose without a mirror and if your head forgets a movement on stage, your body will take over and do the work for you.

Feeling Shy

Posing in front of fellow gym-goers can be a little intimidating at first, especially when you are bringing the clear heels out for a twirl or two; when you pose in front of people you will build up confidence over time and heck, you might even inspire a lady or two to enter their first show! Endless possibilities! Posing in front of others also allows you to get more positive feedback on the way you pose.

Posing In Regular Clothes

Try posing in your practice bikini or show bikini to get used to feeling comfortable in moving in the bikini. As you get leaner, things will look different on your body, so posing in a bikini will help you to see all parts of your body, what you need to work on or if the bikini is actually a good fit. At around 3-4 weeks out, if you practice in a bikini and notice a connector is not sitting right or the bikini needs some alterations, then you have time to get it sorted before show day.

The Judge’s Eyeline

If you are going to record your posing sessions, then angle the phone from the base of the floor tilting upwards or have the phone tilted from under your knee height. Why? Doing this critical tilt with your phone ensures you are watching yourself the way the judges will view you on stage. If you view yourself from a judges perspective you can alter your lines and angles to suit what will actually be seen from stage. After all, it is the judges who score you, not the audience.

Concentration Station

This is real y’all! Concentration face is switched on when you learn to pose and face game is ON for stage day. But if you do not practice your facial elements then say hello awkward photos in the face but a beautiful body.

Not Hiring A Coach

If you are a first timer, please hire a coach. Learn the basics for your federation and get posing. There are tons of videos online for posing and you can self-learn but if you hire a coach in the beginning you will excel a lot more and be more assured on the style and tone of the movements you need to create for your body. What poses look good on one person might not look great for you. Our tip, try a group posing session to meet new friends and learn the style of posing right for your federation.

We hope you enjoyed this post about some common posing mistakes and how you can avoid them in your own practice sessions.

Love, Buff Bombshell xoxo