We show you what happens to your jewellery after twelve months or so after first purchase and a few show day wear.

New jewellery is NEW. The metal colour will be bright and will have no signs of yellow tarnish or rust or discoloration. All gems should be on your jewellery when new and there should be no signs of wear and tear yet.

It is so important to keep your show day jewellery safe and protected by:

  • Keeping it out of sunlight
  • Store jewellery in a jewellery box
  • Or keep safe in a black soft velvet pouch
  • Do not wash your jewellery in water
  • Using a baby wet-wipe to clean off excess tan after your show

We personally think that your jewellery if stored properly and kept safely out of sunlight, should last for around 12 months. During the season, you can always re-use your jewellery for photoshoots or post show dinners.

As soon as gems start to go missing or stands become undone, it is time to replace your stage wear. We think X2 pairs of earrings, X1 ring and X2 bracelets (one thin & one thick) should carry you through for the next season. Some of our favourite items at this moment are from our Olympia Line.

We hope you enjoyed this little post on how to keep your jewellery safe and looking fresh throughout the year.

Love, Buff Bombshell xoxo