In this week’s episode, the ladies, Emma Hyndman aka The Posing Pro and Lauren Lotter, IFBB Bikini Amateur talk to 212 IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jamie Do Rego!

We wanted to get some insight from a coach who has worked with ladies within the bodybuilding industry who have used PEDs. We know this is going to be a heavily controversial and taboo subject, however, both myself and Emma have been receiving MANY questions on the topic in general and thought it would be a good idea to discuss this openly.

Both myself and Emma feel that there needs to be more open discussion on this topic in general as many women are turning to various sources without doing the proper research on what effects and risks there are to taking PEDs.

Disclaimer: Muscular Development, Lauren Lotter and Emma Hyndman do not advocate the use of PEDs for any purpose, however, this video should be used as another resource to inform and educate instead of advising to taken compounds mentioned. Thanks for watching and please let us know your view.


Lauren & Emma