I want to welcome you to a post which is slightly different on Buff Bombshell. I aim to bring you content which is different in many forms to help you succeed as an athlete, a competitor, a person wanting to get fit and more.

I do not think that mindset is discussed enough and I truly believe the mind is the most powerful tool we have at our disposal to overcome any kind of adversity or challenge. I want you to succeed but being a good competitor is more than just doing the diet or doing the cardio. 

What makes a great athlete is someone who is able to overcome adversity and persevere with challenges with an apt mental strength. You see positive opportunity in challenge instead of an obstacle which cannot be solved.

Too often, I hear it from competitors who want ‘things’ instantly. They want it NOW. For example, they want that pro card but they want it now. They want that first win. When in reality, there are going to be times when you lose and it is how you accept the loss of not winning your first, second, third, fourth or even fifth show but how you learn and carry on. You need to ask yourself, what you can do differently to succeed.

To every competitor who reads this, I implore you to look at your journey with gratitude and wake up every morning feeling thankful that you are able to take another step and do your fasted cardio, have the meals you prepared and do the work set out for you. Why? Because you chose to do this. You chose to prep and put yourself through the work. So that means, yes, you can do it because you believed enough in yourself to take the first step to prep, so it is time to carry on.

Every morning when you wake up, try to write x3 things you are grateful for. This can be the most basic thing, such as, “I am grateful for another day to do my prep”. Shift your mindset from the ‘I want it all now’ to the ‘I am grateful for where I am and where I am going’.

A GRATITUDE LIST will take you 3-5 minutes to write down every morning:

  1. I am grateful for another day to be alive.
  2. I am grateful for my strong legs which help me move.
  3. I am grateful for my support system which keeps me strong and balanced.

To the new competitor who wants the pro card and to the experienced competitor who has not yet obtained the pro card, ask yourself, if you are doing what needs to be done; then look at your journey and be grateful that you were ever able to do this in the first place because you are lucky and you are alive.

I hope this small piece on mindset helps you a little bit today to see the positives in your competing journey. Remember, there will be tough days in prep but you are tougher.

Buff Bombshell xoxo

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