The Kusasalethu Group a registered charity in South Africa and aspires to solve tomorrow’s challenges today.

Kusasalethu is a Xhosa word that means Our Tomorrow – we exist to Care for Our Tomorrow by uplifting less privileged individuals. Please visit the website for more information.

What is I buy pads?

I BUY PADS is a project setup up by The Kusasalethu Group based in South Africa. The aim of this project is to provide pads and other sanitary products for teenage girls in South Africa to help them stop missing out on their education due to the inability to afford such products.

Why is this important to Buff Bombshell?

As female bodybuilders, we choose to prep and we choose to go to the extreme, often to the point where the goal of becoming stage ready and lean overpowers our natural instincts as women to have a menstrual cycle. WE make this choice. However, for many underprivileged girls in South Africa, the option to lose out on their education is not their choice due to the lack of menstrual items they need in order to go to school.

Education is key for every girl and boy in this world and no one should have to miss out on an opportunity to better their livelihood. This is why we have decided to help a charity like The Kusasalethu Group – a group which we have known about for 3 years and admired so much – and will continue to support.


How you can help?

This pair of earrings will be on sale for £6.00 on the website. When you purchase a pair of these Kusasalethu Earrings, you will be helping to purchase sanitary products for a girl in South Africa.

Buff Bombshell will take no profit from the sale of these earrings and all earnings will be used to purchase sanitary products for teenage girls in South Africa.

The products will be purchased online and shipped to Kusasalethu Group founder and Director, Zolisa Boza (Peace Kasigo) who will then distribute these items at events and to the schools he works closely with in South Africa.

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