Welcome to Buff Bombshell!

Buff Bombshell provides all female competitors with beautiful quality jewellery and stage heels.

We will stay true to all our customers and community of strong, buff and truly unique women.

The long term aim is to create a community of women who are passionate about bodybuilding, beauty and fitness while providing you with all your show day glam.

We bring women and competitors together.

A Word From The Founder

My name is Lauren Lotter and I officially launched Buff Bombshell Ltd. on the 9th March 2020.

I had just left my corporate career in order to pursue my passion in fitness fulltime; but little did I know that the world would be plunged into a viral pandemic later in March 2020.

Perfect timing am I right?

Buff Bombshell was created in time of uncertainty but the one thing I knew was that I was not going to give up on my passion for bodybuilding.

I have always wondered what life would be like if I left my corporate role sooner. It was that wondering that made me take the risk and just go for it. After all, I had nothing else to lose at this point and the world as we know it was changing.

I will say this, life is short, so you need to make the most of every day and moment. Stop being afraid of chasing your dreams, otherwise you’ll watch someone live your dream for you.

Be your own dream catcher.

Lauren xo

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