I LOVE SHOES! I love my posing heels so much that I will use them for different events aside from just bodybuilding competitions. Here are a few ways you can wear your posing heels for other than the stage.

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Photoshoots & Modelling

I have used my posing heels for a number of post show photoshoots and for personal branding within the bodybuilding industry. It is always easy to tag back to Buff Bombshell as this is where I got my heels.

You can do this for show day jewellery too and the company you purchased from will always be grateful for the tag or mention.

Girls Night Out or Date Night

Your heels are strong and so is the plastic, do not be afraid to wear your posing heels on a Girls Night Out. A cute LBD plus some Fabulicious heels is so sexy.

Supporting at Shows

If I am supporting at a show, I opt for heels as I am short at 5ft 2in. I prefer heels and my Cocktails are the perfect height and provide a lot of comfort.

I would love to see how you style your posing heels for events other than show day. Please make sure tag Buff Bombshell if you have purchased your items from us.

Love, Buff xo

The photos below are from Andy Wright.