You have worked so hard to bring your package to the stage and now it is time to add the final touches to your look with your show day gems. Show day gems and jewellery are there to help enhance your sparkle onstage. There are a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to selecting certain pieces but this is all explained below.

We have a huge selection of gems and it can be a bit daunting to figure out what items you need pick out for your final look. Check out our range here, with earrings starting from £6.99. We break it all down below:

  • How many gems do you need
  • Most common gems
  • Federations and gems
  • Gems for hair : long / medium / short
  • Gems for face shape
  • Choosing the colour of your gems
  • Photoshoots
  • Worried about the size of the earrings
  • Caring for your gems

How Many Gems Do You Need?

This is for all female categories. We typically advise X1 set of earrings, X1 ring and X2 bracelets where one bracelet is larger than the other. Less is really more when it comes to putting jewellery onto your physique and by adding a few sparkles you create the perfect package. Too many sparkles, and you might look like a glitter bomb! Also, there is more chance of hair catching onto your jewellery mid-hair flick! Say hello to hair tear and an awkward photo.

Most Affordable & Common Gems As Seen Onstage

The most common gems we see onstage are our Ashley bracelets and Ashley rings. These slightly chunkier bracelets really shine and sparkle and they are staple in any competitor’s jewellery box. They are also super affordable which means you can build your jewellery collection over time.

What Will my Federation Say?

Most federations do not want you to be a sparkle glitter bomb onstage. Less is more. We suggest picking more minimalist styles which can showcase your physique for the following federations.


However, some model federations have theme-wear rounds and Diva rounds where you can be a little more ‘extra’ than the standard bikini style. Go for bold colours, AB, this is your chance to mix it up.

Pure Elite, Miami Pro, NFMUK, GBO Diva, UKUP, WBFF

Elena wearing our Isa earrings with curly long hair. Perfect style for PCA Federation, UK.
Milena wearing Oksana earrings with thick long hair. Perfect style for the IFBB Pro League.

Long Length Hair & Extensions

For long hair we recommend going for earrings which are typically longer in length. Anything from 7cm to 13cm. However, if you have fine long hair, we suggest picking earrings which are long in length but smaller in width.

Medium Length Hair

For medium hair we recommend going for earrings which are 6cm to 11cm in length.

Short Length Hair

For short hair we recommend going for earrings which are typically shorter in length. Anything from 4.5cm to 8cm works great with cropped pixie hair to medium length hairstyles.

If you want to take this one step further, check out our little guide below for matching earrings to your hair type. In our personal opinion, thick hair goes great with bold statement earrings and fine hair can sparkle with more daintier styles.

A quick guide to choosing gems based on hair type & hair length.
A quick guide to choosing gems based on hair type & hair length.

Gems for Face Shape

A lot of people do not think that this matters and to be perfectly honest, your hair can hide certain features and your face will change at the later stages of prep with diet face being in full swing. So, you can pretty much get away with any earring style, however, because of our huge range or earring at different sizes and lengths, we do suggest the following based on the pictographic below.

Choosing The Colour of Your Gems

Our top tip is to match the colour of your jewellery to the connector stones or the colour of the stones found on your bikini. If you are on a budget and want to match one set of gems to multiple bikinis in a season, then go for silver stones.

Connector Metal Colour Colour of Main Stone on Bikini Choose Gem Colour
Silver (most common) Any Colour Silver
AB (most trendy) AB AB
Silver Example : Red Red or Silver
AB Example : Blue Blue or AB or Silver
Gold (serious trend setter) Any Colour Gold or Silver
Rose Gold (not as common) Any Colour Gold or Rose Gold

If you want to take this one step further, then match your gems to the gems found on your heels too. Most posing heels are either clear, studded with white crystals or are fully encrusted with AB crystals.

Type of Heel Main Stone Colour on Heel Choose Gem Colour
Clear or with Studs No Stones / Studded with Silver Silver
Silver Crystallised Silver / White Silver / AB / Colour
AB Crystallised AB AB
Colour Crystallised Any Colour Silver / Colour to Bikini


We LOVE using our sparkles in off-season photoshoots. We were one of the first to do this in the UK in the LBD in April 2021 at our annual Buff photoshoot and it is proving to be huge trend in photos post show. Please tag us in your photos. Have a look below for some inspiration. Your gems can even be used for a night out or for date night.

Yvette at her Laura Skye photoshoot wearing Bikini BKB Diva Bikini.
Christine wearing AB everything for our annual photoshoot by Andy Wright.

Worried About The Length Of Your Earrings?

Our tip is to measure your neck length and choose an earring length minus 1cm or 2cm, based on your neck length. This will ensure that your earrings do not dangle past your connectors.

Caring For Your Gems

We suggest storing your competition jewellery separately from your fine jewellery in a box or black velvet bag. This will protect your show day jewellery from sunlight and other elements which can tarnish the metal colour. After your show, wipe down your jewellery with a wet wipe to remove excess tan and voila! Back to super sparkles!

If you made it to the end of this post, please make sure to share it with your girls competing this year. We are so excited for the new season and cannot wait to see you in our gems both on and off the stage.

If you need help, please send us a message and we would love to help create your show day look.