Have you ever struggled post show and just thought about chucking in the towel? Some of us have a horrendous first post show experience and then there are some of us that deal with it so smoothly. It is not about who is better at post-show but about how you learn and grow from the process of post show.

Just like a prep, a post show plan has it’s own difficulties and the challenges that present itself for the first time competitor and it can really knock your confidence if do not take care or get help from a coach or support group. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone when it comes to post show and that we all have a similar experience. Same, same but different.

Talking to a few ladies now, I have deducted that the post show blues can be experienced in the following ways:

  • Not wanting to go the gym because you are no longer shredded or stage lean. Know that being stage lean all year round is not sustainable.
  • Having guilty feelings for not staying on track.
  • Binging.
  • Overeating.
  • Avoiding social events or going all the time.
  • Secret eating.
  • Food focus.
  • Etc.


You might not be competing for a while and plan to take an improvement season. Make sure you identify what the outcome will be for you if you take an improvement season and know what it is that you are trying to improve on. For example, are you going to add more muscle to your frame for the next season, if so discuss what needs to be done to this and work on this aspect of improving instead of being stage lean.

You might even be looking at future competition dates and want to choose a date to work towards; this can be a positive as it gives you a date to work towards as you were when you were in prep, prepping for your show.

However, do not place unnecessary pressure yourself to compete so soon. If you are in this sport for the long run, then your health should come first as the stage will always be there.



  1. Talk to your coach and get a reverse plan in place before your show or when your shows end.
  2. Talk to your coach and have cardio and training plan in place for the week after your show ends for helping you to move into improvement season more easily. You don’t have to go hard on the cardio or the training the day after show ends, but keeping to a routine similar to that on prep is going to help your mindset and give you something new to focus on.
  3. Avoid the post show candy and food hoarding.
  4. Check-in with your coach a few days after the show and one week after the show to help keep you accountable.
  5. Do not fear the weight on the scales. The first 3 days post show you will be retaining a lot of water and your body may feel puffy. You may even feel ‘watery’ or ‘puffy’ for a lot longer, everyone is different.
  6. Talk to your family and friends or to other competitors who might understand what it is like to have these feelings and emotions.
  7. Introduce social events slowly to allow your body to get used to the foods you want. We suggest going out with your family and friends post show and then introducing X1-2 social events per week until you can get a hold of the food cravings and the mental side of the food focus.

FOMO Stage Vibes: While you are in an improvement season you might find yourself with FOMO and missing the stage watching everyone else competing. Jumping back into a prep to lose unwanted body weight or fat is not the reason to enter a prep. This can create a cycle of bad habits with food and body image. Instead, cheer your friends on and know you will come back better next time you step onstage.


  • Focus on your health and hormones. During prep, you might have lost your cycle. Focus on regaining this back and optimising nutrition so that you can feel at your best.
  • Your skin, hair and nails will grow back even better with a sold nutrition plan in place. During prep, we eliminate certain food groups to get stage lean, learn to fall in love with health again and glow from the inside out.
  • You are working towards a better version of you in the long term. This is a huge plus because you can audit your past prep meaning you know what to get better at next time for your next show day.
  • You can enjoy social events and time with friends and family and enjoy moments you might have missed out on before.

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