A quick break down of all costs associated with competing in the UK in 2022. Prices are quoted in GBP Sterling and are inline with inflation and current costs of competing.

ItemCostOur Top Tip / Purchase New / Reuse for 2022More Information Here
Coaching£100 – £300 Per MonthEssential for First Timers
Essential for Everyone
£40 – £100 Per HourEssential for Everyone
Try A Group Posing Workshop
Federation Membership££££££See our post for more information.
Federation Fee££££££See our post for more information.
Hotel Costs£40 – £110Stay with a friend you know is competing or share a room.We really like Travel Lodge, Holiday Inn & Premiere Inn.
Travel Costs£££Depends on if you are travelling abroad or driving to a show in the UK.
Stage Tickets£20 – £60
Stage Photos£35 – £80
Grooming – Fake Lashes to Hair Colour to Nails£££Completely person dependent. For example, you might prefer to purchase strip lashes instead of having infills.
Post Show Photoshoot£150 to £250This depends on the photographer.
Bikini£400A new bikini typically costs in the region of £400 for a fully crystallised suit. You can reuse last season’s suit or borrow or rent or a different option.BKB Bikini Mama

Angel Competition Bikinis USA
ShoesFreeNew shoes average around £65.00. Get your new season heels early to start practicing posing. You can reuse old shoes by giving them a very goof clean.Posing Heels
JewelleryFreeOld jewellery can tarnish over time so re-investing in new sparkles can really change up an outfit.Jewellery
Show Tan£60 – £100Make sure to invest in your DIY tan or book your tan in early to really get that stage glow.Jan Tana UK
Show Makeup£75 – £120Show makeup can highlight the face and really make your skin glow. For amateur artists or ladies not used to stage makeup, we recommend booking an artist.Makeup by Ray Ray UK
Supplements£££Anything from over the counter to taboo is entirely up to you.
Post Show Food£35Our biggest post show tip is to have a good celebration meal and then get back on track.We love a Nandos

Other really important information to know:

Most federations in the UK tend to have regional shows and final shows. In order to compete in the ‘finals’ for a show you will need to complete a regional first. Some federations will invite you to the finals based on your placing at the regional. So save your heels and jewellery and bikini to compete again later in the year. New is not always better but a re-fresh can be done to upgrade your look in so many little ways without spending bank.

We hope you enjoyed this post. We will update it if anything changes. If you think we have left out an essential cost, get in touch and let us know. We love and value your feedback.

Love Buff Bombshell Team