This is the mini guide on how to care for your posing heels so that you can keep them in posing shape all year long!

Tip 1 : Breaking In Your Heels

When trying on your posing heels for the very first time, wear white socks and walk on a carpet. The socks will give you more comfort as you break in the plastic around your feet and by walking on a carpet you will protect the grip of the underside of the shoe from scuffing.

Tip 2 : Avoid Strap Snappage

Do not fasten the straps of your posing heels too tightly. We get that some of you need strap heels for more stability but the number one reason why straps break so soon is because they are secured on a hole that is too tight. Hello snappage!

Pleaser Ankle Straps by Buff Bombshell

If you break a strap or have strapless posing shoes, then you can always add these Pleaser Detachable Ankle Straps to your heels to convert them into strappy sexy posing heels.

Tip 3 : Blow Dry Baby

If your heels are still super tight and they do not feel like they are moulding to your foot then try using a blow dryer to gently heat up the plastic for 10 to 20 seconds. Wear some socks and place your feet into the shoes, then hold the hair dryer away from the plastic at 30cm (ruler length) distance and gently heat up. Move your dryer back and forth while applying heat so that the heat is distributed, or say hello to scorched tootsies or melted plastic. This is never a good look.

Tip 4 : The Heel-Gap

If you find that you have too much room at the backend of the shoe, then this is what we call ‘heel-gap’. Your feet might be smaller and so they slide forward into the shoe creating this effect where it appears that the shoes are actually much bigger for you. Insert the Add-On Comfort Cushion, cut to size and fit into your shoe where the bunion is or where the pinky toe is on your foot.

Tip 5 : Cleaning Your Heels

If you feel like your heels need some primping then use a wet wipe to remove sticky tan residue on the plastic and straps. Next using a wash cloth and a little water, damped the sole and wipe gently across the sole bed. You will notice a lot of tan and dirt will come off. Make sure to rinse your cloth under clean water and repeat the process to remove the grime. Wipe your heels with a towel and leave them to dry.

Tip 5: Posing Heel Storage

Your heels come with a travel bag which makes travelling super easy. If you need to store your collection of Fabulicious posing heels at home, we recommend keeping the original box that they came in so that you keep the heels free from dust, direct sunlight and safely secured away from hungry pets.

If you found these tips helpful, then please share them with your bikini gal pal!