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I wanted to create this post for you because I get a lot of women who ask me about heels and jewelry for stage day, to be exact, I get a lot of women who ask me, “What heels should I wear for IFBB?”.

This made me realize that not many girls know about the IFBB. A lot of ladies are entering a prestigious federation without truly understanding where it began and how bikini came about. So here is my summary on it and I hope you enjoy.

An Olympia History:

The IFBB Pro League is the most prestigious bodybuilding federation to date. Why? Because of the Olympia. The Olympia is a bodybuilding event which was started in 1965 by Joe and Ben Weider (aka The Godfathers of this federation).

Since the event started, it has gained popularity for the competitors to showcase the best of the best aesthetics in the world. Many successful bodybuilders who have competed with the IFBB have gone on to start careers in fitness, modeling and more, hence why the federation has grown not only in size but attracts competitors from all over the world to compete in the various competitions.

Competitors now consist of all sorts of body shapes and sizes and this leads us to the bikini category, which only started in 2010.

So why create the bikini category?

As the federation grew in popularity, the judges realized there was more scope to bring in another category for females who did not have the muscular development of women who competed in figure or women’s bodybuilding. And so the first, Bikini Olympia champion was crowed in 2010.

Who are the eight Bikini Olympia Champions?

2010 – Sonia Gonzales

2011 – Nicole Nagrani

2012 – Nathalia Melo

2013 – Ashley Kaltwasser

2014 – Ashley Kaltwasser

2015 – Ashley Kaltwasser

2016 – Courtney King

2017 – Angelica Teixeira

2018 – Angelica Teixeira

2019 – Isa Pecini

2020 – Janet Layug


Sonia Gonzales – 2010


Nicole Nagrani – 2011


Nathalia Melo – 2012


Ashley Kaltwasser – 2013, 2014 & 2015


Courtney King – 2016


Angelica Teixeira – 2017 & 2018


Isa Pecini – 2019


Janet Layug – 2020

I hope you enjoyed this mini blog post about the beloved bikini category and who won the title since 2010. I think if you are entering this sport, and then learn as much as you can about it, hone it and what it has to offer. This is bikini history and if you want it then please learn about it.

I have become a sort of Bikini Bombshell Brainiac scholar over the category, as I love everything about it. I can tell you who placed where and when and that is never going to stop. I will be bringing out more posts and videos on Olympia history to help you learn about the sport and where it started and I will be covering many categories to go more in-depth about this incredible federation we all wish to be a part of so much.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you found it interesting and useful. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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